Crisis In the Mines

As you enter the inn, there are perhaps 70 men and a dozen women filling the tavern. Perhaps half that number are seated at tables. The remainder are standing, mostly along the walls of the room. Their attention is focused on the speaker.

“… know that 3 miners were missing. Some didn’t leave the mine right away. Others left the mine and went home.”

Another man stands and says in a cool voice, “Listen. Trevin is not at fault for what happened. Something happened to those miners and something was responsible for that horrible screech. What we need to do…”. He continues on but your attention shifts a to a young women who approaches your group from the bar.

“May I help you sirs? The tables are full tonight owing to a village meeting but I can make room for you at the bar? Would you like a meal or perhaps a room for the night?”

In the background, the talking continues only this time you hear a different man speaks with a sense of exasperation, “… expect to find such men? We don’t have money to hire outsiders.”

The man with the calm cool voice responds, “We will ask for volunteers. Those willing and with the skill to succeed in such an endeavor. You heard Trevin. At the time, the search parties didn’t know who, if anyone, was missing. It was chaos down in the mines with some miners, some miners leaving, others giving contradictory accounts. Magnify that with the darkness of the mines, who knows what happened? For all we know the three could be trapped in a pit or unconscious or something.”

He continues, “Sending the miners back down armed is a bad idea. Down in the dark, with a bunch of armed, nervous men, roaming about someone is going to wind up stabbing or killing. Or someone is going to make a mistake and there will be a cave-in.”

“No – we need people trained for this kind of work. What we need is a single group to go back down and investigate and see if they can find anyone or figure out what happened. A group armed for trouble and with the skills to search and investigate and hopefully find out what happened.”

His words catch your attention. This may be an opportunity to prove your worth and gain some standing.

“Are there anyone who would like to volunteer for such a mission?”

You consider the request. Would you like to:
1) Stand a volunteer for such a mission?
2) Wait and approach the man quietly and ask him some questions before deciding?
3) Ignore the request, finish your meal and retire, returning the next morning?
4) Some other action?

Edge of the World